About Us

SC Securely Classified – is fast becoming the go-to press release distributor. We use the power of social media to help media specialists inform the market and the consumer of their company and/or brand. We use our growing social media presence to instantly get your message to the masses. We also are the preferred press release distributor as we not only get the information to the masses but we do also so completely free. We have established ourselves as a disruptor as we have removed the biggest obstacle facing small and large companies in reaching the masses by removing the cost to do so.

SC Securely Classified is a true market disruptor.

The electronic press release distribution industry is decades old. Many of the original brands still use antiquated technologies and distribution methods that no longer work effectively in reaching an organization’s key targets. Despite that, their distribution fees are prohibitively expensive, forcing clients to question the value these services provide so we have made our service fee-free. We are the future of press distribution.

Distributed everywhere at once.

SC Securely Classified was founded by industry disruptors who desire to utilize the power of social media to change how information is distributed allowing users to ensure their message reaches the masses.

Our proprietary distribution footprint reaches millions, and for free, we can distribute your messaging. We develop and maintain proprietary distribution channels that reach the places where journalists, corporate decision-makers, state officials, and the public go for critically important news and information.

Press content delivery for the digital age. At SC Classified our mission is really simple: We help the world communicate without the cost being a barrier at SC Securely Classified.