What makes us the BEST?

Your available press release distribution options grown exponentially over the past few years,

There is no need to use a single high-priced press release service and an exclusive contract. We provide the exact same service and reach for free.

SC Securely Classified owns and maintains its own proprietary distribution technologies and is building new paths forward. Most traditional news release distribution services rely on third-party vendors to reach the media, and those costs are passed along to the client. Their business model created expensive yet limited geographic circuits or news lines. We create our own platforms and currently reach over 200 million users worldwide. 

Ideal for businesses, non-profits, brands, government agencies, and individuals.

But the premise of delivering press releases to journalists via “the wire” or even via email in and of itself is no longer valid. Media databases with journalists’ email addresses and even beats are most often inaccurate. Even if they’re accurate, journalists’ email inboxes are more than full — with hundreds of pitches they can’t possibly read through. Promising to reach other key audiences and the public by sending news releases to databases is also a stretch. We take your press release directly where it can be seen, social media.

The key to any successful communication outreach is to have an organization’s news reach the places where they’re searched and found. Search engines, syndication on local news publications, and a heavy presence on social media provide a wide net to maximize reach.

Regarding the media, SC Securely Classified reaches the very consumers who consume their content and we do so directly without the gatekeeper.

Equally important, clients’ news is easily found by stakeholders and the public because SC Securely Classified not only posts news releases to the most important online sites, social media platforms, and search engines, they’re also indexed and commingled with other leading news source material to hundreds of online industry SC Securely Classified owned websites which at current count is over 1,500 in 132 countries and 62 different languages.

It’s very powerful when a newswire service is also a go-to leading publisher of industry news.

Additionally, clients’ news is available to readers everywhere.

No other press release distribution service comes close to what SC Securely Classified provides period.